SSD protector─ SSD Sprite

2017.7.212017.7.21 Product InfoProduct Info SSD protector─ SSD SpriteSSD protector─ SSD Sprite

In recent years, more and more SSD manufacturers have accessed to the industrial control market, and most of them have introduced their own monitoring technology. Panram also recently launched SSD Sprite that can keep track of the SSD status on your device. As the guardian of SSD, Panram's SSD Sprite can effectively let users know more about the current situation of SSD. The functions included in addition to the monitoring of capacity, temperature and power-on time include the following functions:


Monitor SSD health at any time

Before the end of the life, the damage of the SSD is very difficult to detect. If th problem occures, the most serious situation is that the data will completely disappear and the backup action cannot be performed. As an excellent monitoring software, SSD Sprite can detect the latest information of SSD, so users can back up data instantly.


Humanized erasing function

After using SSD for a period of time, some read and write performances are often degraded due to the characteristics of FLASH. At this point, erasing is an important feature. In addition to the SSD Sprite's erase function, users can also use the mouse to set the percentage of disk partitions to be set after erasing.


Intimate digital reminder

In the Alert option, the user can fill in the standard values for each function. After the value of the function reaches the user-set standard, the SSD Sprite will display a warning message or email (both can be chossed by yourself) in the computer window to remind the user , so the user can easier monitor the SSD status.


Accurate Read/Write speed diagnostic

Most users should be curious about the Read/Write speed of the SSD. SSD Sprite will display sequential Read/Write and random Read /Write values in the bottom right corner of the Status window. In addition, there is also a Read/Write diagnosis window that can display the speed of reading and writing of SSD in different file sizes of 4KB, 64KB, 256KB, 2MB, 4MB, etc. (sequential and random). In this way, users can easily and quickly understand the performance of the SSD.


In addition to Panram's 2.5", M.2, mSATA, and Half Slim SSD, SSD Sprite also supports CFast detection, benefit more users of storage products. By the multiple functions, SSD Sprite can make your storage device kept in the best status!