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M.2 to 4 Port RS232


* PCI Express base spec 1.1 compliant

* PCI power management 1.2 compliant

* DMA/bus mastering facility for both UARTs

* 128-byte deep transmit/receive FIFOs

* 9,8,7,6 and 5-bit data framing

* Automated in-Band, Xon/Xoff flow control
* Advanced FIFO fill management

* M.2 B+M Key

* Certified by CE, FCC, RoHS, and Microsoft

* WQHL approval


Model Name EG2G041
Key Type

M.2 B+M Key

Chipset ID ASIX 99100
Number of Ports

RS232 4 Port / Connecter: DB-9 x4


22 (W) x 80 (L) mm

Operating Temperature

0°C - 70°C

Storage Temperature

-20°C - 80°C


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M.2 to 4 Port RS232