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Parallel 1 Port & RS232 1 Port / mini PCIe


* 1 high speed RS-232 serial port with data transfer rate up to 460.8 Kbps

* 1 IEEE 1284-compliant SPP/EPP/ECP parallel port

* 128-byte deep FIFO per transmitter and receiver

* Automated in-band software flow control using programmable Xon/Xoff in both directions

* Automated out-of-band hardware flow control using Tx/Rx/RTS/CTS/DSR/DTR/DCD/RI/GND

* Compliant with PCI Express base specifications revision 1.1a

* Native single-Chip, single lane PCI Express


Model Name EM30021
Key Type Serial & Parallel Controller Cards
Form Factor mini PCI-e
Chipset ID


Number of Ports Parallel 1 Port & RS232 1 Port

30(W) x 52(L) mm

Operating Temp.

-10°C~ 80°C

OS Compatibility

Windows2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista/ 7


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Parallel 1 Port & RS232 1 Port / mini PCIe