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mini PCIe to M.2 B Key


* Mini PCIe Adapter
* Convert USB, PCIe and SATA signals from IPC mPCIe slot to M.2 socket
* Support both mPCIe Full-Mini and Half-Mini plated-hole
* M.2 NGFF type 2280-D3-B B Key socket on board
* Support M.2 B Key and B-M Key Module, such as WWAN (CDMA, GPS, LTE) Module, PCIe Host Module, 80mm SATA SSD and NVMe PCIe x1 SSD
* Multiple plated-holes support M.2 type 2230 / 2242 / 2260 / 2280 / 3030 / 3042 module
* PCIe x1 & USB2.0 & SATA signal interface between miniPCIe and M.2 socket
* Jumper setting select PCIe x1 or SATA signals from miniPCIe to M.2 Socket
* Micro-SIM card slot on the back


Model Name EMG0011
Key Type

M.2 B Key to mini PCIe Card

Form Factor

mini PCIe

Chipset ID


Number of Ports

M.2 B Key and B-M Key x1


30mm x 93.5mmx 7mm

Operating Temp.

-40°C~ 80°C

OS Compatibility

Windows, MAC and Linux


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mini PCIe to M.2 B Key